Nba is a league full of stories. In order to know the actors fully, it is necessary to know and understand their stories. To understand Russell Westbrook, we first need to get to know his close friend Khelcey Barrs. Khelsey was Westbrook’s best friend. When Westbrook and Khelcey were playing together, Westbrook was not as prominent as Khelcey. Khelcey and Westbrook grew up together, apart from basketball. The biggest dream of these guys was to play together on a college basketball team. Khelcey was a player who attracted the attention of many observers with the basketball he played from a young age and has the potential to become an NBA star in the future. Westbrook was not expected to be as popular as Khelcey at that time. Even before he started college, Khelcey was on his way to becoming a popular player, challenging and occasionally defeating players who were even bigger and better than him and was expected to be picked from the top of the draft.


One day after training, while Westbrook was getting ready to go home, Khelcey was continuing to practice. While playing basketball during training, Khelcey suddenly collapsed and everyone thought he was joking. After a short break, the people around him realized that things were very serious and immediately tried to keep him alive by giving heart massage as the first intervention, but on the way to the hospital, his heart could not stand it any longer and Khelcey died. The incident was a disaster for Westbrook, who was his best friend, teammate, friend even brother as he grew up, and Westbrook was devastated by it. If we had experienced something like that, maybe most of us would be defeated, but Westbrook prefers to fight, and continues to play for Khelcey Barrs. In addition, “Why Not”, which is the last word Khelcey said to Westbrook before he died, is the motto of Westbrook’s life and the reason to continue this game. These words are also the name of Westbrook’s current shoes.


Westbrook goes to college and continues to play basketball. Westbrook, who attracted the attention of NBA scouts with his performance there, was the 1st Round 4th of the draft in 2008. He is chosen ordinary and as you know in the rest of the story he becomes one of the most valuable players in the NBA. We see Westbrook one of the league’s most combative players right now. When we look at Westbrook’s dunks, he dunk as if he wanted to kill the crucible, as if his anger took his anger out of the pot. Maybe basketball is the thing that takes his friend away, but Russell Westbrook knows very well what Khelcey wants of him. So he wants to play basketball and make him proud during the time he is alive and playing basketball. That’s why he went first to the college college league and then to the NBA where they dreamed of going together. And on his shoes and bracelets everything that was special to him, he had the name of his friend, more precisely his brother, written. He continues to live with him.

The things that some players do in the NBA may seem strange to you and even get annoyed at what they do while watching, but when I learn such stories, my perspective changes. As I said at the beginning, the NBA is a league full of stories. It is up to us to investigate and understand these actors.

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