What could be the prospects and goals for the Golden State Warriors in the 2020-2021 season?

Probably, Golden State Warriors were the most dominant team in the NBA between 2014 and 2019. Last summer ,this team built a squad to compete with the addition of D’Angelo Russel, despite the loss of a superstar,Kevin Durant.But injury problems have put the team in a difficult situation in recent years: to the bottom in the league and conference.




This was the name given to the Warriors’ last season, according to the NBA analyst. Another major player, Draymond Green, was far from his old self on the court in the season when Curry had little to play and Klay never played. It was understood that he was taking it at a slow pace. Spending most of the season by cooperating young players with Toscano-Anderson, Zach Norvell and Mychal Mulder who recently gained NBA experience,this team gained some achievements. Eric Paschall and Ky Bowman helped the team gain some positive implications by demonstrating rookie performances that tried to survive in the season full of chaos and defeat, making the organization management happy. In addition, Marquese Chriss, whose career has come to a standstill, and Damion Lee, who is stuck between Europe and the NBA, have shown that they can be good side parts for the Warriors with the developments in their games this season.



The team will get ready for the new season, even making small gains from last season. During this period, the NBA draft system, which “rewarded” this bad season of the Warriors, gave the team a second choice. The importance of this draft right cannot be denied so that the Warriors who are recovering,can return much stronger. The team can both select and recruit a young star candidate they see with potential, and also use this incredibly valuable right of choice in trade plans to add the 3rd star to the team. I personally agree with club legend Rick Barry. I think that this trade right should be swapped in order for the team to become much stronger. I think we will likely see a Warriors trade during the draft or just before it – through the line-up pick. In the summer, I don’t think they will make many moves from the free agent market. My opinion that they will chase a superstar or star addition and wait for the season.



The Warriors will again be close to the ‘contender’ category next season. If there is another superstar move, I think they could be written right behind the Lakers and Clippers. However, it may take a little longer to get back together with the Warriors big trio, who have been away from each other for almost a year, and players whose future is uncertain. Right now, they won’t enter the next season as one of the biggest favorite team. But the Golden State Warriors is a team that can do things we could never imagine.

It is difficult to set goals for this team, but I think it makes the most sense not to wait for the Final or Championship far away (unless there are extreme things). The likely goal of the team will be determined as the process keeps on. But it is a bit difficult to have a championship attack after this difficult season -with the existing teams-.

I’m sure that many people want to see the Warriors as close to their former self. Before of the new season, an exciting summer awaits them. Let’s see what time will show us, we will wait anxiously

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