Vasilije Micić and his history before Anadolu Efes

The dates indicated January 13, 1994. In the middle of the civil war in Serbia, there was a new excitement of children in a house in Kraljevo. This boy was different, special and talented. Realizing this talent, his family enrolled their children for the Zeleznik club and thus started a story that dates back to the present day. This boy was learning very fast, but he had to go to a bigger club to show himself. Vasilije Micic, 16 years old, was making his first big transfer as a transfer to the club, now known as Mega Bemax, which was called Mega Vizura at the time. This team was a great place for him to play and take time because the team was supporting the youth. In this team, the young talents of Serbian basketball, Nikola Jokic and Nemanja Dangubic, have supported each other for 2 years in a row and they have attracted the attention of many scout teams from the NBA. These 3 young Serbian boys were so excited about the scouts of NBA teams on the other side of the world that they entered the 2014 NBA draft together and all three took their place in the draft. Jokic was ranked 42nd, Dangubic ranked 54th, and Vasilije Micic, the hero of our story, was ranked 52nd by Philadelphia 76ers.

However, Vasilije Micic was still not a qualified player and had to improve further to take part in the NBA. At this point Micic decided to stay in Europe and in 2014 signed with the German basketball team Bayern Munich. During the 2 years he spent with Bayern, he could not find time in many matches due to both injuries and rotation preferences. He had to play to improve himself, but he could not find this opportunity. Moreover, the injuries he had at a young age prevented him from giving 100% efficiency. By December 2015, Micic was only able to play 4 matches in Bayern and it was only 6 minutes on average. Micic now needed a new home. At this point, the club that opened its doors to itself wil be Crvena Zvezda, the giant of Serbian basketball.

The Serbian quarterback played in the Crvena Zvezda jersey in half a season, playing more games than his 1.5-year Bayern Munich career. The Serbian playmaker, who had an average of 17.5 minutes in 17 games, wanted to play more and take responsibility. At this point, at the end of the season, Micic decided to go to a club where he could be the leading player rather than a role player in the Euroleague to get more. The club offers him the confidence and the opportunity was Tofaş of Basketball Super League team.

Serbian guard has almost resurrected in TOFAŞ. On the defense side, previous years had shown good performances, but it was not enough on the offensive side. Orhun Ene, who was a point guard like him in the past, made him the leader of this team. During the 1 year he spent at TOFAŞ, he made an incredible progress and attracted the attention of most European teams. He had no trace of severe injuries he had suffered in the past years, but he had become an incredibly mature player at the age of 22, inversely proportional to his age. In the interviews he gave even today, the Serbian playmaker admits that the turning point of his career was TOFAŞ years. It was an inevitable fact that he would go to the next level after this wonderful season. At the end of the season, Micic chose Zalgiris Kaunas, whose head coach was Sarunas Jasikevicius. He was in the big league again, that is, Euroleague.

The name he worked with as a coach at Zalgiris Kaunas was Sarunas Jasikevicius, one of the best playmakers in European Basketball history. Having learned a lot while working with one of the most important playmakers in Turkish basketball history in the previous year, Micic was now constantly putting new information on what he learned alongside a legend who won many Euroleague championships. The way he played post-up like a tall with his back to the offensive direction was his distinguishing feature in this team. In addition, the fact that Zalgiris Kaunas played the Final Four in the Euroleague was a very important factor in the fact that Zalgiris Kaunas, together with Kevin Pangos, was a duo that complemented each other and complemented each other as a point guard duo, with the harmony he provided in the back field. However, when they lost 76-67 to Fenerbahçe in the Final Four semi-finals, the progress of the team ended. Micic and his friends were finishing their great season as the European number three after their 79-77 victory against the strongest team of Europe, CSKA, in the third place game they played right after. He was ending the season as someone who introduced himself to the European market this year. It was time to take a big step in his career, and Micic was drawing a new route for himself. The address of the new route was Istanbul and Micic’s years of Anadolu Efes were thus beginning. Micic, who was initially only taken as a backup for Shane Larkin, is the leader of the team after Larkin entered the season very badly in his first year, making Anadolu Efes the 4th place in the 2018-2019 Euroleague regular season, and with Larkin’s adaptation, he is the first. He was carrying Anadolu Efes to the Final Four finals. As the leader of a newly formed team, Anadolu Efes progressed to the Final Four final with his teammates, defeating CSKA 91-83 in the final and ending the season in Europe as the 2nd. Vasilijie Micic, who has improved more than anyone expected and proved that he can be a leader, has become a star player after this season. We all know more or less what he did with Anadolu Efes in its second year, this canceled season. This season, when Anadolu Efes is at its peak but the white season has been announced, may be the subject of another article. Third place in Europe with Zalgiris, second place in Europe with Anadolu Efes last year and this year they were canceled due to the pandemic but they are at the top of the league. As a result, the pandemic may have stopped him and his team this year, but next year?

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