The Return of a Legend: Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso, 38, who recently competed with the McLaren team at the 2018 GP, decided to return to Formula 1 and signed a contract with Renault for the 2021 season. Fernando Alonso, who won two world championships with Renault in the 2005 and 2006 seasons, said goodbye to F1 in 2018 and started racing in the Indianapolis 500. Alonso, who will return to the racetrack with Renault in 2021, took part in the junior drivers test after last season’s Abu Dhabi GP and finished the test with first place. Although some teams reacted to Alonso’s participation in this test, the FIA did not return from this decision and allowed Alonso to participate in this test.

Career of the Legend

Beginning his racing career in Formula 1 with the Europan Minardi team in 2001, Alonso did not have many races in his first year. Unable to produce successful scores in the races he played, he became 23rd in the overall table. In 2002, Fernando Alonso, who continued his career as a test driver in the Renault team, grabbed one of the seats in the Renault team in 2003, due to the highlight of his skills and the confidence of Renault team manager Flavio Briatore in him and finished the season 6th, keeping his confidence in him. This season, he won the first place in the Hungarian GP and would became the first of 32 championships in which the Formula 1 career would also take place.

2003-Macaristan GP-

Continuing his rise in 2004, Alonso finished fourth in that season. In 2005, Alonso, who continued with his team Renault, came 3rd in the Australian GP, the first race. Later, he attracted attention by being the 1st in Malaysia, Bahrain and San Marino GP consecutively. He finished the season first twice in a row in 2005-2006. Alonso was transferred to the McLaren team in 2007. In McLaren, he lost his in-team troubles and the expected first place to Kimi Räikkönen from Scuderia Ferrari. Alonso left McLaren at the end of the season and returned to his former team Renault. Alonso competed at Renault again between 2008-2009, ranked 5th in 2008 and 13th in 2009. In 2010, he went to Ferrari and became a teammate with Felipe Massa, winning three times in the Ferrari adventure, and a fourth and sixth place in the season.

2013-Alonso ve Massa-

For Fernando Alonso, who transferred to McLaren between 2015 and 2018, the real decline started. After having nearly the worst seasons of his career, Alonso decided to end his Formula 1 career after these bad 4 years. During his Formula 1 career, Alonso, who won 32 races, took the podium 97 times and became the champion twice, became a legend for Formula 1.


In my opinion, Fernando Alonso will add a great pleasure to the next season GP. There are also a few question marks that remain in mind. We have questions such as the fact that he is a pilot who has not competed for 3 years, and the Renault team cannot catch up with teams like Mercedes and Red Bull in terms of vehicle performance and power. But I believe that Fernando Alonso will get through everything and have a successful season and see the podium. In short, he will either revive his career by saying it is over like Ibrahimovic or it will show how difficult it is for him to keep up with the pace of Formula 1.

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