The Best Nicknames in NBA History

In sports, nicknames are very important. Sometimes there are players who we can forget forget their real names and stuck with their nicknames. Here are some of the best nicknames in NBA history.

        1-) Earvin “Magic” Johnson:

Maybe Johnson is one of the player whose nickname is more known compared to his name. The Lakers legend, who dominated the league in the 1980s, received the nickname “Magic” thanks to his unimaginable passes and his command of the ball.

        2-) Andrey Kiriilenko (AK-47):

The reason why Kiriilenko, who made a strong impression with his defense and blocks, was given the nickname AK-47 is the initials of his name and his jersey number (47). He is also Russian and the city where he was born and raised, Izhevsk, where the first AK-47s were produced. We can really say that it is one of the best nicknames in NBA history.

       3-) Paul Pierce (The Truth):

The Boston legend Pierce, who once dominated the league with the Celtics, won the game on March 13, 2001 against the Lakers of Shaq and Kobe, scoring 42 points in 19 with 13 hits. After this game, he was nicknamed “The Truth” by Shaq. O’Neal took Boston reporter Steve Bulpett’s notebook and wrote: “Paul Pierce is The Truth”.

        4-) Tim Duncan (Mr. Big Fundamental):

Duncan, who has an important place in history both with his successes and his work ethic, is mentioned thanks to his signature shots in the background. Also, after a Lakers-Spurs match, Shaq gave him ‘Mr. Big Fundamental because he says his core skills are great.

        5-) David Robinson (The Admiral):

One of the legendary players of the Spurs, Robinson is considered among the greatest tall people ever and stands out for his incredible physique and muscle mass. His teammates called him “The Admiral,” because after graduating from the US Naval Academy, where he studied mathematics, he served in the naval forces from 1983-1987.

        6-) Karl Malone (Mailman):

The nickname of the Utah Jazz legend, one of the best 4 numbers in history, goes back to his college days. The announcer of the team was addressing Karl, who constantly played the post game, as “Mailman,” meaning postman.

   7-) Lloyd Bernard Free (World Be Free):

He was once an all-star chosen player in his 13-year career (78-79). It got its nickname from street days in Brooklyn. After dunking 360 degrees with a 44-inch vertical jump, his friends nicknamed him ‘World’. He later decided to change his name and World Be Free became his new name.

8 -) Earl Monroe (“Earl The Pearl” – “Black Jesus”):

He is a Hall of Fame player who has been selected as an all-star 4 times and won the only championship with NYK in 72-73. These nicknames were given due to his success on the field and his weird  style of play.

        9-) Rajon Rondo (The Clinic):

In 2008, he won the only championship of his career while he was dominating the league with Boston in those years. He was a fascinating player with his incredible ball control and passes. LeBron even said of him: “I hate playing against him, he knows all the sets we play by heart.” After the first half of a game he played, he was so influential that the reviewers used the term puttin on a clinic for him (doing something very well, especially for athletes). Then Matt Moore said that his new nickname should be ‘The clinic’.

        10-) Jameer Nelson (Mighty Mouse):

In his 17-year career, he was once an all-star and once selected for the rookie team of the year. In Orlando times, some announcers and teammates used to say he was like an unstoppable energy ball. That’s why we can say that this nickname really suits him.

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