Story of Mourinho


Jose Mourinho has become one of the greatest people in the football world in the last 20 years. He was working as a translator for Bobby Robson in Barcelona before he became “being special” in his own words.

When Mourinho arrived in Barcelona as Bobby Robson’s assistant in 1996, this move was met with skepticism. Robson, who does not speak Spanish, asked for Mourinho with whom he worked in Porto and speaks English, Spanish and French. He was only a translator at first, but quickly became more than just a translator. Robson was sending Mourinho to watch the opponents they would meet next week. And Mourinho was able to impress the British coach with his discovery reports. “He was preparing first-class reports, they were the best analysis I have ever seen in my life. “Someone in his 30s who hadn’t played football was giving me excellent reports,” said Robson how impressed he was.

Özel Olmadan Önce: Mourinho -

Robson and Mourinho were facing a challenge in Barcelona. After the departure of the legendary Johan Cruyff, who made the club champion for four consecutive years and achieved its first European victory in 1992, expectations were again high. It didn’t take long for young Mourinho to show up in Barcelona. Although club president Nunez only addressed him as an interpreter, Mourinho earned the respect of the players. It influenced team captain Pep Guardiola, and Spanish and Catalan were constantly speaking tactics. Mourinho, who won the respect of all players, led the team in some friendly games. In a way, Barcelona was the first team he coached.

Mourinho, who proved himself to the actors and the Catalan media, had another challenge. Bringing the Brazilian star Ronaldo, who has just joined the team, to get used to Barcelona. The good relationship with the phenomenal star ensured that Ronaldo had the best season of his career. Mourinho is learning this while working with “star players”, especially in terms of human relations. You have to convince them that you are right in saying things. “The coach is right whatever he says does not apply there, we have repeatedly told Ronaldo that it is pointless to score a great goal and walk around the field for 89 minutes.”

Özel Olmadan Önce: Mourinho -

Özel Olmadan Önce: Mourinho -

In just one season of Robson in Spain, the King’s Cup, Super Cup and Cup Winners’ Cup were won. However, when the league championship was not won, the English coach was sent and Van Gaal, whom the president Nunez wanted, was replaced. Despite Robson’s departure, Mourinho remained in Barcelona. Although he wanted to start coaching, he continued to serve in the Dutch coach’s technical team. After working and improving himself during the Van Gaal period, he came to Benfica in the summer of 2000. Although he failed at Benfica, another Portuguese giant made Porto the Champions League champion in 2004 and took over the British giant Chelsea, now a special man.

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