Rookie Trying Not to Draft: Terence Davis

Challenge Yourself!

After Terence Davis left a successful and nationally renowned career with Ole Miss University, it’s time to show up in the professional arena. With his incredible athleticism, willingness to defend, showing the potential to be a good 3 & D wing, he found himself in the predicted draft charts at the end of the 2nd round, sometimes not drafted.


* (3 & D: The general name of the players who can shoot and defend well in basketball, who usually take part in the number 2-3 positions)


But most teams would – normally – abstained from wasting the draft to 4-year-old, 22-23-year-old rookies. Davis was invited to the PIT (Porstmouth Invited Tournament) Basketball Tournament to show off to the teams and he turned this chance in his favor. A few days later, he received the invitation to the G-League Elite Camp, which he was waiting for. Things would get much more serious from here.

Knowing the job in detail …

Terence Davis, who also played great in the G-League camp, was invited to the NBA Draft Combine, which he worked hard and deserved. There are rare players in history who made such a vertical exit from the PIT Tournament. Davis also took this invitation very well and whipped the appetite of many teams. Several teams had one-on-one meetings with him, Terence Davis was an easy 2nd round pick, according to the media and Draft Analysts. But there were some unspoken details in those interviews.


Terence Davis refused the team that came for him every second round selection. Since 2017, most of the teams have included their 2nd round selection rights to the team with a two-way contract. This gives players only 45 days to be on the NBA squad. Players who have expired can switch to a guaranteed contract depending on the team’s request and the lack of players. Davis did not want to take this path. He wanted to wait for the summer league and move from there. And at the end of all this, Terence Davis finished the 2019 NBA Draft without being selected. A few hours later, the Denver Nuggets announced that they added him to the summer league squad.

1 Match and OK!

Terence Davis signed a 1 + 1 year guarantee contract with Toronto Raptors after a 22-point performance in his first summer league match with the Denver Nuggets. And he spent the remainder of his summer league with the Raptors.

Refusing to be drafted and chasing warranty contracts is really serious business. He’s also a risky and challenging target, and Terence Davis has done it, bringing a whole new look to the upcoming rookies.

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