Power from Nothing-Bobby Dixon

Human beings experience what they prefer from the moment they come to life until their death, but the moment they say hello to the world, they cannot choose some situations. For example, his family, the geography and the environment he lives in. Because of this, while some live a lucky life, others deal with some problems.


It is possible to come across these unlucky life examples everywhere, and of course in basketball.


In this article, we will examine the heartbreaking life story of Bobby Dixon, in other words, Ali Muhammed, whom we all know very well.


His Life

Robert Lee “Bobby” Dixon was born suddenly in the stairwell on April 10, 1983, during his mother’s return home in Chicago. He was the youngest of five children in the family. They lived in a very troubled place.


Her mother was selling drugs and she didn’t have much of a choice. This situation affected Bobby’s development and he had a lonely childhood.


“Each region had its own gang and life didn’t offer many options. Our only fun was jumping on dirty beds next to the trash. ”


His father used to drink alcohol all the time. There was another woman in her father’s life and her children, and this situation made him quite angry. His mother and father both used and sold drugs. Bobby says that the cops always come to their house during this process.


It is the drug period in the USA in the 1980s and 1990s. In many places, gang fights are at the forefront because of this. One family affected by these events was the Dixon and they moved west of Chicago. He started basketball and football at that time.


“I fell in love with basketball at that time. I owe my successful shooting percentage now to the milk I drank back then.


During this period, when he was introduced to sports, his mother entered prison and suddenly his family broke up. With this incident, his closest brother Brian was killed. At the age of 10, the death of his brother and the absence of his mother shattered him.


“Not being able to see my mother and the murder of my brother caused something to change in me. All I wanted was to be normal ”

His Highschool period

This point in the high school life story was not very pleasant. He started studying at Sullivan High School and was in a very difficult situation while he was still in high school 1 and had to sell drugs and spent 4 days in prison.


The problems he experienced during his high school 3 period came back to him. It was like being in misery. He had no one, broke, and was caught selling again. After spending about a month, he left the prison with the decision of house arrest. In this house arrest program, a special inspector was appointed for everyone, and this inspector had to supervise you.


One day, when the exam he had to take in the last lesson and the hours he had reported to the inspector coincided with each other, he could not go to report and returned to the prison.


“I went to school on Monday. “Mr. Dixon is here,” said the manager as I was heading towards my closet the moment the bell rang. As people watched me being taken from school in handcuffs, I couldn’t even slide my head for a moment. ”


He spent three months in Cook County Prison. He was missing the last year of high school at that time, but he completed his high school education by concentrating on lessons in his spare time.


“In those days I was experiencing a deep depression when I was on the verge of committing suicide.”


He managed to get a job at UPS after passing his high school exams after his days of captivity. The working process here was as always with problems. He had to start work at 4 am and due to the distance he had to leave the house at 12 at night. His job was to arrange the cargo packages. After working here for a while, he enrolled at East West University and started living with his brother Carlos.


When he started living with his brother, he almost devoted himself to basketball. In his spare time, he went to the sports center and did various studies. On a busy day, he met director Brian. This event would perhaps make his life a little easier and enable him to reach the career he dreamed of. The two spent many years together and, after Brain’s initiative, they managed to study with Kankakee at Troy University. He became one of the top 15 young players during the Troy period, in the 03-04 season. After graduating from college, he accelerated his work by hiring a new basketball manager with all his money. On the other hand, his education life was over and he had to make the transition to a professional career as soon as possible.


At first, NBA teams Toronto Raptors and Houston Rockers invited him to trial training, but he didn’t get any results.


“Although my biggest concern is to create a chance for myself in the NBA, I was not in that capacity yet.”


After long negotiations, his assistant gave him St. He made an offer from Etienne and thus took his first step into his professional career. This first journey was followed by Gravellines, Polpak Swiecie, Cherkasy, Treviso, Le Mans, Asvel, Treviso, Brindisi and Dijon respectively.


Just at that time, when everything was over and he felt that he was getting tired, his manager’s offer carried him to a special place he was not aware of. The offer was from Pınar Karşıyaka. Bobby accepted this offer, which he was initially shy about, after considering.

Pınar Karşıyaka

They did very well in their first season in Karşıyaka. Under the management of Koç Ufuk Sarıcı, although they finished seventh, they lost dramatically in the EuroChallenge final played in Izmir by 1 point. That season, Bobby was named the most valuable player of the tournament.


Eurocup took place in the second year and won the Turkey Cup.


“There were 20,000 fans at the airport. I was literally delighted when they grabbed me and threw me in the air. ”


In the 14-15 season, Karşıyaka has become a better quality team with the participation of actors such as DJ Strawberry and Kenny Gabriel. They managed to become champions by defeating Banvit in the quarter-final, Fenerbahçe in the semi-final and Anadolu Efes in the final. They proved that big budgets and resources were not needed to win that season.


In the summer they were champions, Bobby acquired Turkish citizenship to play in the Turkish national team and took the name Muhammed Ali. In addition to this sequence of events that summer has ended contract, Fenerbahce of Turkey’s major team had taken two years of waiting for a new proposal and signed the contract.


When he signed for Fenerbahçe, there was a new formation in the team. For many years, the strawberries of this delicious cake were placed, even if it was not the basis of the team that would be at the top of basketball. New transfer Bobby; He would play with stars such as Ekpe Udoh, Bogdan Bogdanovic, Jan Vesely. The head of the team was Zeljko Obradovic, who until then had eight European championships.


His first season was spent learning Obradovic basketball. As in Pınar Karşıyaka, there was a dynamic team where he was not in the forefront, each player came to the forefront according to their place and time. Defense resistance was in the foreground.


“I have never seen any other teacher whose mind worked like this before. He first analyzes and understands the actors, then analyzes how to make them successful. ”


That season they lost to CSKA in a dramatic way in reaching the Euroleague championship league in Turkey.


In the second season, together with the team that knew each other better, they started the league with a few reinforcements. In the 16-17 season, he first overthrew Panathinaikos in the eighth final, then Real Madrid in the semi-final and Olympiacos in the final, winning the Euroleague. Bobby and his friends, who made history in gold letters, became the biggest in Europe.


“The point we came from was more than the championship. Especially for me. All the bad things I have experienced in my life, all the hard tests I have given, it was as if it was now behind, and life was giving me a great gift. ”


The pinnacle of life in problems from A to Z. Today Bobby is 37 years old and still works hard to be a part of this team.


About Bobby Dixon;


Bobby is a special and experienced actor. Whatever task Obradovic puts it, he is always ready. He always gives one hundred percent or even a hundred percent a lot of play while on the field.


Jan Vesely


What makes Bobby different is his character. It shows that what matters in basketball is not the size but the sharp eyes. Bobby is definitely a good actor.


Zeljko Obradovic


Since he was among the first 13 people among fifty people in the auditions he attended when he was young, the number he preferred to hit the 13-person team is 13.


When he played for Treviso, Italy, his coach was Oktay Mahmuti, whom we all know well.


After becoming a Turkish citizen, he chose his name because of the legendary boxer Muhammed Ali, whom he took as an example.


I made mistakes. But fortunately my biggest mistake was not fatal. I know, maybe I could have paid less as I moved towards my future success; but unfortunately that did not happen.


Bobby dixon

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