If you say “History only writes the winners.” If you do not believe the stereotype, you are in the right place right now.

As in all areas of life, the successes and winners in basketball and indirectly in Nba are remembered. However, there is also an invisible face of the mountain. In that part, while many superior talents stand out, a very high quality list emerges.

I would like to show you the 11 most valuable players who could not raise trophies in Nba.

Karl Malone – John Stockton

Perhaps the top two players on the list are Malone and Stockton. It is beneficial to consider these great players basically as a duo.

This amazing duo played in the Utah Jazz for 18 years and, according to some, made the most useful long-short combination in Nba history.

They broke an incredible record by playing 1412 regular season matches together.

Despite this almost perfect duo, the Jazz with Malone and Stockton did not avoid losing the trophy to the Chicago Bulls in the 1997 and 1998 Nba finals.

To be handled separately;


Karl Malone

Second highest scorer of all time in Nba with 36,928 points

2x Nba’s most valuable player

11x Nba’s top five title

14x All-Star


John Stockton

Standing out with his top-notch pass quality and assists, Stockton spent his entire 19-year career in Utah, and he did not become the champion.

Assist leader of history with 15.806 in Nba

9x NBA’s assist leader

2x Nba’s stealing leader

10x All-Star

2x Nba’s top five title

Charles Barkley

Barkley, wearing 76’ers, Suns and Rockers jerseys, is another Michael Jordan victim.

Phoneix Suns failed to reach the trophy, losing to the Chicago Bulls in 1993 with 4-2.

Barkley, who played in Nba for sixteen seasons, was among the four players in Nba history who reached +20,000 points, +10,000 rebounds, +4,000 assists.

1x Mvp

11x All-Star

Rebound leader in 1x Nba

5x Nba’s top five

Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson is an incredible talent for some, an overrated actor for some, but he is definitely a very interesting character.

Iverson, the interesting man of Nba, who has speculated about his past, is one of the stars who cannot wear the ring.

He also played in Beşiktaş for a while. The Answer lost to the Lakers in the final in the 2000-2001 season and could not reach the cup.

1x Mvp

11x All-Star

Number king in 4x Nba

3x Nba’s top five

3x Nba’s stealing leader

Patrick Ewing

Ewing, one of the most dominant longs of the period he played in Nba, was remembered in New York times. They failed to win the 1994 and 1999 Nba finals, losing to the Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs, respectively.

1x Nba’s top five

11x All-Star

Tracy McGrady

He is among the members of Nba’s most talented players, but who could not turn his talent into a contribution due to injuries, who lost in T-Mac.

McGrady, who played in teams such as Raptors, Magic, and Rockets, came to mind with his performance in the Spurs match, which he scored 13 points in 35 seconds.

7x All-Star

Top five in 2x Nba

Number king in 2x Nba

In addition to these, they lost the cup to the Detroit Pistons in the Lakers, where he went to become champion in the last season.

Chris Webber

Drafted by Orlando Magic in the 1st round in 1993, Webber had its best time during the Kings era.

5x All-Star

Top five in 1x Nba

Reggie Miller

One of the best shooters to come to Nba, Miller is the second player to score the most three pointers in history.

Reggie, who spent 18 years of his Nba career entirely in the Indiana Pacers, failed to reach his dreams by losing the trophy to the Lakers in the 2000 Nba final.

5x All-Star

1x 50-40-90 club

NOTE: 50-40-90 is the title earned by athletes who achieve 50% double, 40% three point, 90% free throw percentages in a season.


Vince Carter, who announced his retirement at the age of 43 with the end of this season, is now a new member.

Carter, who played for the longest time in Nba with 22 seasons, is also the only player to have competed in four different periods (1990, 2000, 2010, 2020).

He will always be remembered for his Dunk of Death at the 2000 Australian Olympics and the 2000 dunk competition.

8x All-Star

Steve Nash

Standing out with his superior tactical intelligence, pass quality and field vision, Steve Nash could not experience this championship throughout his career.

He wore Suns, Dallas, Lakers jerseys in Nba.

Nash was enough to impress everyone with his unique style, life and maestro appearance on the court.

2x MVP

8x All-Star

Assists leader in 5x Nba

4x 50-40-90 club

Drazen Petrovic

Petrovic, who, according to many authorities, paved the way for European players to come to Nba and was shown as one of the best European players in Nba, unfortunately did not win a trophy.

At this point, however, a distinction must be made. Petrovic died in Germany in a tragic traffic accident at the age of 28. There was no doubt that he had a career that would last for many years.

Nevertheless, in his brief Nba career, he went to the podium by wearing Portland and New Jersey jerseys.

It set an example for new generations with its superior work ethic.

Rest in peace.


The Best Top Five of the Losers Club


John stockton

Allen iverson

Reggie miller

Charles barkley

Karl malone

Sixth man: Tracy McGrady

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