Clubhouse: Is it temporary? New Media Revolution?

The history of Clubhouse, which has made a very fast and effective entrance to our country, is actually not very old. This application, which Paul Davison and Rohan Seth established about 7 and 8 months ago, is taking the world by storm right now. In this article, i will explain the Clubhouse in general terms and put forward my ideas about what role it can play in our lives in the future.

Clubhouse started to spread especially in the USA and many European countries, exactly around February and March 2020, when the pandemic wave made its new impact felt in the world. This application, which has been at the top of the download lists in countries such as Japan and South Korea in recent months, has become very popular in our country for the last few weeks.

The logic of the application is quite simple, there are a number of different rooms and you can join the room you want and be a listener or a speaker. We can portray it like a Radio Live Podcast. The fact that the conversations are not recorded is one of the most crucial features of the application, at least for now. The user base of the Clubhouse is really interesting, while you can listen to Gülben Ergen’s “weird” conversation on Sexuality, on the other hand, you can join Kanye West’s broadcast on American Politics.

Although it is still progressing with the invitation system as in the early days of Facebook, I think that this system will soon end and the person who wishes will download and use the application as they wish. The company also recently announced that the Clubhouse could come to the android side in April 2021, but I still think that this date can be set earlier thanks to the momentum gained by the application.

Although vaccination practices gain momentum, the Corona Virus epidemic continues to make its impact felt, and I personally give the impression that initiatives such as Clubhouse that can save people from loneliness a little bit and involve them in social life from their own homes can really achieve success in the medium and long term. We will watch the fate of the application, which has already found nearly 200 thousand users in our country.

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