In your opinion, what are the most important values that make a person’s life comfortable, create a comfort zone, and also facilitate it?

I’m sure each of you has a varied and reasonable answer. When I ask myself this question, the answer comes to my mind clearly. Art and science.

Simply, the combination of these two concepts in all areas of life makes life better quality and meaningful.


Science makes human life easier. Art makes people human.

Science and art are like two wings of a bird. Communities which use this two wings, fly and they become free. Those who cannot fly become chickens. While the chicken society pecked a handful of food thrown in front of it, they wouldn’t even be aware that their eggs were taken from behind!

-Charles Darwin


Have you ever thought about it? Can we talk about the unity of art and science in any sports branch?

Definitely yes.

That person is Jason Williams, in other words “White Chocolate”.

I can say that it was quite late to meet him, but I must say that I have been a huge fan from the first moment I watched him. It has always been on a completely different level for me.

Jason Williams was drafted by the Sacramento Kings in 1998. He then wore Memphis, Miami, Orlando and Kings again, respectively. Statistically, he has not been in a good position in his 13-year NBA career. Moreover, he can not reach highest level of point-guard as Magic Johnson, Chris Paul, Jason Kidd.

Despite everything, it has always stood at a completely different point for us basketball lovers with its contribution to the aesthetics and art of this game.

No-look pass, tomahawks, windmills, 360s, crossovers …

It was the name that did all of them best and showed us the best.

In addition, his elbow pass in the Rookies-Sophomores match at the 2000 All-Star weekend took the issue of pass to another level.

(I have to admit that I tried this pass in many matches. I’m sure everyone has tried it, but let me state this. Don’t try it at home)

Along with these, Williams’ championship with the Miami squad in 2006 was an extra detail that made us basketball fans happy.

Here is a brief introduction to a name that adds quality to this game for you. We must always keep these athletes alive.

So this is a game.

We hope you enjoy playing and watching this game.

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